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Arkas Line upgrades West Africa ServiceArkas Line is  expanding its West Africa coverage with additional calls in Italy. The new West Africa Service (WAS) will be based on a Vessel Sharing Agreement (VSA) between Arkas Line, ZIM, Messina Line and COSCON.
The new WAS rotation  will be as follows:
La Spezia – Genoa – Tarragona – Castellon – Valencia – Algeciras (APMT & TTI) – Tangier – Dakar – Abidjan * – Tin Can – Tema – Takoradi * – Abidjan – La Spezia;
(*calls alternating biweekly)
The new service will  provide  direct connections from La Spezia and Genoa as well as Castellon to West African ports. This will reduce the southbound transit time to Abidjan and Tema.
Arkas Line will  operate 2 out of 5 vessels (MV/Vivien A and MV/Yanki A) while the other partners will each provide 1 vessel . The average vessel capacity of the new service will be in the range of 2500 TEU nominal.
MV/Vivien A  ex La Spezia on July, 29th 2016 will be the VSA’s first sailing.
MV/Vivien A Specifications:
Built                           : 2010
Capacity                    : 2478 TEU  
Reefer plugs            : 306
MV/Yanki A Specifications:
Built                           : 2006
Capacity                    : 2702 TEU  
Reefer plugs            : 500