Corporate Philosophy - Arkas Holding S.A.
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Developed over the years the Arkas Corporate Philosophy which is how we describe our style and our way of doing business.
The Arkas Philosophy consists of four elements namely our purpose, our goals, our corporate culture and our principles.

"Bridging cultural values through international trade.”

A pioneer in its sector, Arkas not only supports the development of Turkey's foreign trade infrastructure by connecting it with global markets, but has also undertaken the mission of bringing together diverse trade and cultural values.


"Having a management structure that is open to development and being an institution that its customers, staff and competitors alike appreciate and prefer.”

Arkas is an institution that has demonstrated successful growth by staying focused on our goals.

1 To adopt a management style that is goal-oriented.
2 To improve customer relations management.
3 To invest in sectors that can develop under our leadership
4 To support Arkas employees who develop themselves.
5 To support and remain sensitive to community values.
6 To be an influential voice in our own sector, support Turkey's interests and make them a priority.



"Our corporate culture requires that we offer informed, responsible and constantly improving services that respect values both within and outside Arkas.”

Our corporate culture expresses the way and manner in which we approach our customers, employees and partners.



“To be conscious of our responsibilities, to be productive, to innovate, to constantly upgrade our services”

Our principles form the foundation of how we do business.
These principles guide our actions as we pursue pioneering and responsible policies which ensure constant improvements in customer services and benefit Arkas, our partners and the community.
1 Pioneering
To invest proactively in business with vision, innovation and determination.
2 Conscientious
To always be modest when bearing your community responsibilities or sharing our successes.
3 Productive
To improve productivity by reducing costs.
4 Responsible
To keep promises made to our customers, employees and partners. To be transparent and honest with customers, employees and partners.
5 Constantly Improving Service Provider
To maintain a result-oriented perspective for our customers, employees and partners.