Deniz Yıldızları Welfare - Arkas Holding S.A.
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  • Donation Campaign to Şehit Bahtiyar Şimşek Primary School (September 2014)
  • Sapling donation campaign “Towards A Green Life” (June 2013)
  • “Deniz Yıldızları” Aiding Animal Shelters Campaign (April 2013)
  • Protecting and Guiding Children with Otism Foundation assistance campaign (December 2012)
  • Supply Aid to EÇEV (August 2012)
  • Book donation campaign to Gürleyik Köyü İlköğretim School (February 2012)
  • Supply Help Campaign for victims of the earthquake in Van
  • Suruç Şanlıurfa Regional Primary Boarding School Help Campaign (5 August to 9 September 2011)
  • Akçakoca Technical and Industrial Vocational High School library contribution (3 March to 30 March 2011)
  • İzmir Training Hospital, Children's Dental Clinic, gifts and toys for children to be treated (21-27 November 2011)
  • “Write a Novel Future with a Pen” Stationary Donation Campaign ( September 2010)
  • Construction of Guesthouse for relatives of patients, Help Campaign
  • Supply Aid Campaign for the Physically Disabled Support Association (August 2010)
  • Donation Campaign for Children with Leukemia
  • Donation of clothes worn on festive occasions
  • Primary School Students Book Donation Campaigns
  • Primary School Students Collection of Books Campaign for TEGV Reading Festival (June 2009)
  • Various Toys and Gift Donations for Orphanage, November 29,2008
  • Donation of Computers, Novermber 5, 2008
  • Various Gift Donations to the elderly in an almshouse (September 2008)
  • İzmir Ballıkuyu Mehmetcik Primary School Aid Campaign (August 2008)
  • Supply of Stationery Donation Campaign, Summer School 2-11 July 2008